Debbie’s Reborn Adoption Center

A reborn doll is a lifelike baby doll that has been created from a factory made doll, like Ashton-Drake, or a doll kit created just for Reborners, my favorite because it’s starting with an clean canvas. Each reborn doll created by Debbie’s Reborns is painted in cured layers using Genesis heat set paints to create a natural Newborn skin tone, to include realistic veining, feathered hair around hairline, or a full head of painted hair and skin mottling, depending on the age of baby I want. This heat cured, high quality paint is guaranteed not to fade or rub off. My reborn dolls are weighted with tiny glass beads contained in machine sewn, soft cotton packets for the body and a quality polyfil to fill in around. The limbs have a small amount of glass beads and then topped off with the polyfil. I weigh each part as I go for a balanced weight and to assure a cuddly and true to life feeling baby. The baby’s head is also weighed so of course it should always be supported when she’s picked up, just as you would a real Newborn. I pay close attention to the inside of my babies just as I do the outside. The hair on your reborn doll is rooted, always using premium mohair. The hair is sealed from the inside so that you can gently comb and style your baby’s hair. A sleeping reborn has hand rooted eyelashes and an awake baby has wispy eyelashes carefully glued to his/her eyelid. As a rule I use only Denise Pratt’s acrylic eyes or a German glass eye. I like them both equally, it just depends on what I think looks best on that particular doll. My Reborns have been transformed from a child’s toy to a wonderful Adult collectible baby and is not recommended for small children because of the delicate nature of the reborning process. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my babies.