Sawyer by Emily Jameson, Very Newborn, full limbs.

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 I’m located in St. Petersburg, Florida


    Limited Edition 14/450

Adoption fee;  $425.00 + $25.00 shipping

Let me introduce you to this precious Newborn Boy, Sawyer, by Emily Jameson


Reborn; February 16, 2014

Weight; 6 lb. 

Length; 20 inches

☆ Full limbs

☆ Sawyer’s head measures 13.5 inches

☆ Beige fleece body, made just for him

Beautiful Medium Brown Premium Mohair by Delta Dawn

☆ Lovingly Reborned using permanent, non fading Genesis paints.

☆ I gave him subtle veining, and bluish undertones where the skin is thinner and more transparent. Sawyer has many layers of cured paint and texture to give a real depth to his skin.

☆ He has hand painted feathered hair with full rooting.

☆ I use no sand in the weighting of my babies so they’re ready for overseas travel. I weight my babies with tiny glass beads and a quality poly fiber to fill in.

☆ I use white cotton material, machine sew my own bags to fill with glass beads for weighting my babies, double stitched for strength. For this baby I used one large bag in the body and one small bag for the head. His limbs are filled partially with glass beads and topped with Poly fiber for the perfect weight. Each limb and bag is weighed as I’m putting him together so his weight is balanced and he feels as real I can possibly make him. I give as much care to the inside of my babies as I do the outside.

☆ Sawyer wears Newborn and 0-3 month clothing and his feet are 3 inches Size 0

☆ A pretty bracelet made just for him with Swarovski beads and crystals.

☆ Magnetic Pacifier [magnet covered with soft material as not to scratch the paint on his mouth]

☆I always ship the next business day after payment, with the exception of holidays.

☆All my babies are from a smoke free nursery

Sawyer’s pictures were taken in the Nursery under professional lighting. I don’t enhance my pictures in any way except to occasionally lighten a dark picture, adding my Nursery name and sometimes different decorative edges to frame the pictures. His pictures are very true to color on my monitor but might vary a bit from monitor to monitor.

Please enjoy his pictures!

  Baby Nails

For his little fingers and toenails, I’ve given him very soft, ivory colored tips and sealed them with a satin finish, to look like freshly clipped newborn nails.

His Nose and Mouth

Sawyer’s nose was opened and backed with dark felt for realism. His lips were layered with transparent color and sealed.

Eyes, Eyelashes and Eyebrows

I’ve hand rooted medium brown eyelashes, and I painted his eyebrows to match his hair.

Sawyer is ready for Summer!

        What Sawyer is wearing and bringing home with him.

In some of his pictures he’s wearing a cute pale blue and white striped two piece outfit [sleeper] by Absorba with white socks and blue and white heavy booties. He’ll also bring a cute sun-suit just in time for Summer to show those chubby full limbs. This little Guy’s limbs are some of the most realistic I’ve seen, just adorable and you’ll want to show them off. He’ll come with the disposable diaper he’s wearing and an extra.

He’ll be wrapped in a receiving blanket for his trip home.

Sawyer will also bring a magnetic pacifier, his bracelet, a custom Birth Certificate, care sheet and a 4X6 digital portrait inside a purse size photo album. Most will be packed inside his gift bag.

   Birth Certificate

All my babies come with custom birth certificates with their first picture. The date of birth, weight and length will be filled in but the name space can be left blank so the new Mommy can give baby a different name if they like. I will also sign each certificate, as the Reborn artist.


I ship my babies, fully insured, and new shipping materials to make sure they have a very safe trip. I try to make opening their box a pleasurable experience for the new Mommy

If he’s captured your heart, don’t let him go, because once these babies are Reborned, they’re all one of a kind, and each have their own little personality that shines through. If you have any questions about Sawyer please email and I’ll try to get right back with you. He’s a cute little Guy and would make a wonderful addition to your collection.

This baby doll has been transformed from a blank kit into a wonderful Adult collectible baby and is not recommended for small children because of the delicate nature of the Reborning process.

It’s now been thirteen years since I started Reborning and I want you to know that I take great pride and have so much passion for this incredible art. I sold my babies on Ebay for many years under the ID ‘shesgothelp’ at which time I decided to sell exclusively from my site. You can also find me on Facebook under the name of Debbie’s Reborn Gallery. I don’t cut corners, I use the highest quality product I can find and am always looking for ways to improve my skills and the products I use in this process. Reborning has come a long way over these last years, it’s much more perfected now and many more People are becoming involved with the art. It’s been an amazing time for me and hopefully there will be many more years to come.

Thanks so much for Visiting my Nursery, and have a wonderful day!

Adoption fees are;  $425.00 + $25.00 shipping